Seafood Industries Association Singapore (SIAS) was formed in 1988 with 3 objectives :

- to work for the well-being of members

- to upgrade the business quality of members

- to encourage members to penetrate overseas markets.

The Association's Executive Council oversees the implementation of the above-stated objectives.


Under the first objective, many activities such as annual dinner, outings, picnics and excursions have been regularly organized, and through these activities,  relationships among members have been greatly enhanced and fostered.

Many activities have also been organized under SIAS's second objective. The significant and notable events are :

1. Regular dialogue meetings with Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) in achieving better understanding between public and private sectors on various trade issues.

2. Holding of regular seminars, workshops and conferences to discuss and disseminate latest industry technology and developments, such as upgrading of factory automation, mechanization and hygiene, import requirements and export health certifications.

3. Regular participation in local trade fairs in improving market penetration.

4. Working closely with Enterprise Singapore (ESG) in achieving better enterprise development through ESG's various assistance schemes, such as upgrading of factory automation and mechanisation.

Through government's and SIAS's efforts, the business quality of our members has been significantly upgraded.

Under the third objective, many important events have also been organized and these are :

1. Active involvement in ASEAN fisheries Federation (AFF) since its formation in 1989, in achieving better trading relationship with our neighbouring countries.

2. Regular participation in regional conferences and seminars like those organized by the Southeast Asia Fisheries Development Centre (SEAFDEC).

3. Active participation in overseas trade fairs in exhibiting members' products.

4. Regular overseas trade missions to countries such as Japan, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India and South Africa, for further enhancement of product sourcing and market penetration.

5. The signing of Memorandum of Understanding (M.O.U) with Seafood Associations of India and Bangladesh, in fostering better cooperation and enhancing relationship between trading partners.

6. Working closely with AVA, Enterprise Singapore and MTI  in achieving better overseas market access.

It is evident that through government's and SIAS's efforts in regional drive, many of our members have achieved better overseas market penetration.

SIAS is committed in fostering the well-being, in upgrading the business quality and assisting in regional drive of its members. We strive towards improving the image of our seafood industry and making Singapore an important seafood manufacturing, processing and trading centers in the Asia Pacific region.