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Seafood Industries Association Singapore (SIAS) was formed in 1988 with 3 objectives :

– to work for the well-being of members

– to upgrade the business quality of members

– to encourage members to penetrate overseas markets.

The Association’s Executive Council oversees the implementation of the above-stated objectives.


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Things you never know about SIAS

Do You Know?

Singapore Food Agency (SFA), also formerly known as Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA), played a key role in assisting the local fish processors to set up the Seafood Industries Association, Singapore (SIAS). SIAS represents the seafood processing, manufacturing and trading companies in Singapore. SFA continues to work closely with SIAS and other government agencies to upgrade the local fish processing industry

Our Mission

To build an engaging and synergized culture to foster collaboration and growth in the seafood industries in Singapore through:

  • Collaboration with members, government agencies, local trade associations and overseas stakeholders

  • Garner database of technical competencies

  • Building a positive culture

Our Vision

To be the leading voice and an effective collaborator between various stakeholders, bringing positive impact to Singapore’s seafood industry.

Our Symbol

The Future of The Sea

This symbol of water ripple symbolises overwhelming forces of globalisation, and future developments. It also depicts the motivation and the exposure to the era of change that the new millennium brings. Since water is the essential element for the Fishery Industry. It is shown in a vibrant angle of 45 degrees that represents “movement” which is also a sign of prosperity for the trade. 


The symbol of the fish jumping out of the water depicts the vibrant and enthusiastic state of the industry.

Our Committee

The People of SIAS

Not only are we a leading association, it would not have been made possible without having the leaders who are able to make all these happen.


Mr William Tan


Kenneth Chia

Mr Kenneth Chia

1st Vice President


Mrs Belinda Lee

2nd Vice President

Tan Yin Wen

Ms Tan Yin Wen

General Secretary

Louis Tan

Mr Louis Tan


Tan Guan Ngo

Ms Tan Guan Ngo

Trade Secretary


Mr Roland Cheng

Welfare Secretary


Mr Nopp Wee

Dy Gen Secretary

Jason Ng

Mr Jason Ng

Dy Treasurer


Ms Novelle Lim

Dy Trade Secretary

Chia Fu Hai

Mr Chia Fu Hai

Dy Welfare Secretary


Mr Ben Chen

Hon. Auditor


Mr Zachery Tang

Hon. Auditor


Ms Paulene Chee

Assoc. Members Liaison

Our Advisors

The People of SIAS

Behind every top leading and successful team are the people with the strength, wisdom and trust that guided and supported us while we moved forward together.


Dr Koh Poh Koon

Senior Minister of State for National Development & Trade and Industry


Ms Tan Poh Hong

Honorary Management Advisor


Mr Yeh Siang Hui

Honorary Legal Advisor

Koh Boon Liang

Mr Koh Boon Liang

Honorary Technical Advisor

Behind every top leading and successful team are the people with the strength, wisdom and trust that guided and supported us while we moved forward together.

Our Advisors

The People of SIAS

Business Collaborations

The seafood industry is facing unprecedented challenges and business landscape is bound to change in the near future. We aim to minimise the impact of these challenges and difficulties, but we cannot achieve our goals alone. Find out how you can assist.

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